life update: job edition

short story:

job.  i haz.  

papers have been signed and i have orientation tomorrow and i start on June 30th.  i’ll begin at 20 hrs/week and build up to full time in a few weeks.

i could not be more grateful, surprised, or pleased with how this has played out.

long story:

gSchool ended on February 28th and the last month or so of class we were all hustling.  we still had class and projects and tutorials and all that, but also were busy with resume reviews, applications, interviews, code challenges, etc.  you know how it is.  find a job can be a full time job.

lots of people assumed that i’d wait to seek employment until after i had my baby, but to me that didn’t make sense.  i’d worked my ass off for several months, am just as qualified as my classmates for the work we were all seeking, just as in need of a paycheck after my work hiatus, and pregnant, which actually is not the same as being physically or mentally incapable of sitting at a computer writing code all day.  besides, what on earth would i do with myself just sitting there all those weeks just waiting for the baby to arrive?

so i applied for jobs.  not a ton, but a few, maybe 15.  i talked with people over coffee, over the phone, via email.  i had long conversations, code reviews, and group interviews.  i made it to 2nd, 3rd, 4th interviews at some places and then i starting hearing some “No”s.  this is always hard, but nothing i’ve not experienced before.  

eventually, as i got closer and closer to my due date i decided to put the whole thing on hold.  i stopped sending new applications when i was about 5 weeks out.  i think it would have been reasonable to start something new and work for a month or six weeks or so before taking leave, but by that point the process would’ve taken so long that i likely would not have had much time to work at all before i was due.

but this doesn’t mean i didn’t try and i’m glad for the the interview experiences that i had (isn’t that what you’re always supposed to take away from those things?  experience?).

in the meantime, i was asked to do a little contract work for gSchool and kept myself occupied with that.  

then about two weeks ago i got an email saying that one of the places at which i’d interviewed would like to bring me on as a contractor.  wait, what?  i really thought i’d closed that door and that securing a job before baby wasn’t going to happen.  i thought i’d have to start my search from scratch again in a month or two.  but no.  they wanted me!  as a Rails dev!

in the time since then, i’ve navigated contractor world, which is all new to me, picked an agency to do all that nasty paperwork for me, talked with the hiring manager again, and picked a start date and plan.

to be completely honest, this is not the sexy startup i envisioned myself at post-gSchool (it is, in fact, a quasi-government agency and i always said i wouldn’t go back to government!), but you know what?  things change.  i am very, very excited.  one of the main reasons i am excited about potentially working at this place was because everyone i talked to seemed happy to be there and all enjoyed working for this particular manager.  as you know, that makes a world of difference, and although i haven’t yet started to work there, i think my gut was right on this one.

the woman i will work for is a mother and i am so incredibly fortunate that she is flexible and understanding and that she and the others liked me enough to bring me on, even with a start date that’s not for almost three months.

now i just need to stop doubting my abilities, stay on top of my game, pass a drug test (i think we’re good here), and have a baby.  much as i want him to come soon, i’ve told him to hang on until tomorrow afternoon so i can go to my new person orientation in the morning :)


job searching while Very Pregnant is not for the faint of heart.  i have a lot to say about this, but that’s another post for another day.